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Why Choose
Music for Young Children?

Get ready to give your child every advantage and discover music today!
Music for Young Children is a
tried and tested fun pedagogical music program


MYC, as a program, is the answer to your child's accelerated music education. It is the only early childhood music method that incorporates the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. Students learn the joy and structure of music using all four learning styles; visual, analytical, tactile and auditory.

We are so excited to be teaching this program, and here's why...


🚀  Children thrive in a fun group environment

🎹  Learn the foundations of music on the piano 

📚  Energetic curriculum with playing, singing, composition, characters & games!

🧠  MYC will fast track your child in music

👩‍👧  Fun for the whole family with parent/guardian participation

🎓  After graduating from MYC students are prepared for more advanced music studies

What Makes Music for Young Children So Successful?

The success of our program is due partly to the fact that our teachers are qualified according to recognized Conservatory of Music or University standards, and also participate in continuing education in order to maintain their certification. The other reason this program is so successful is because of the parent/guardian involvement and support. 

Our Studio

Our program is taught at an established music school 

where students can be inspired by many different

instruments and successful mentors. Allegro Music Schools 

features 3 fully equipped, large MYC classrooms. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in recitals

and other fun performances through Allegro! 



Fall 2022

MYC Classes

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