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  • Welcome to Music for Young Children at Allegro Music School!
    Welcome! At Allegro we know first hand the value of early music education and the immense impact it can have on your child's future success. Get ready to give your child every advantage and discover music together. If you have any further questions that are not covered in our FAQ please contact our adminitrative team at or (613) 837 6040.
  • What happens during the lessons?
    Children meet in small groups in their own age category, once a week for an hour, each accompanied by their parent who participates in the program alongside their child. The MYC curriculum is unique because it is designed to compliment the development, ability and learning style of each age group.
  • What do the parents/guardians do during the classes?
    Parent participation is integral to the MYC program. These fun classes emphasize parent and child interaction which also allows for reinforcement of concepts and skill-building at home.
  • What are the concepts covered in the curriculum?
    There are many concepts covered in each level of MYC courses. Classes are designed to help develop the childs creativity and musical abilities. Some of these concepts include: Rhythm, keyboard, singing, listening, composition, sight reading, creative movement, music theory, music history, and many more...
  • How do I know which program is right for my child?
    Music for Young Children Classes are divided by age group. To find which class will be right for your child visit our programs page.
  • What are the lesson fees?
    Lesson fees are $112.00 per month. The fees for books and materials are dependant upon the class level in which your child is registered.
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