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Age 5 - 6  |  Levels 1  2 & 3

This fun program for five and six year olds introduces concepts such as; keyboard geography and finger numbers using fun MYC critters. Children continue their practice in rhythm, singing, solfege and sight reading. By the end of this program students are composing and beginning to play more advanced music on the piano keyboard. 

We are so excited to be teaching this program, and here's why...

🚀  Children thrive in a fun group environment

🎹  Learn the foundations of music on the piano 

📚  Energetic curriculum with playing, singing, composition, characters & games!

🧠  MYC will fast track your child in music

👩‍👧  Fun for the whole family with parent/guardian participation

🎓  After graduating from MYC students are prepared for more advanced music studies


How to Choose Your Level
5-7 year old Students who are new to MYC register for Sunbeam 1. Students between 5-7 who have completed their Sunbeam 1 register for Sunbeam 2. Students between 5-7 who have completed their Sunbeam 2 register for Sunbeam 3


Course Length

Music for Young Children Classes take place on the same day and time each week from September to June for a total of 36 weeks.


Course Fees

Course fees are $112.00 / month plus the one time purchase of Books & Materials required for the program.

Each MYC student receives program materials that are specially designed by pedagogical specialists and produced for their age and development, including learning tools and a comprehensive student manual. The MYC materials are specifically bundled so that the parents do not incur multiple material costs throughout the learning year, and are made of the highest quality to ensure durability and sustainability through the music year.

Upon completion of the Sunbeams program students advance to Moonbeams to continue their musical adventure! Get ready to give your child every advantage and discover music together!


Program Progression Map

You can start your MYC Journey at any age. See the Map below for how your child can progress through the levels of the program.

Untitled design (8).png


Students who progress through all levels of the Music for Young Children program are thoroughly prepared for their Grade 1 Conservatory of Music examinations. Even more importantly, the MYC graduates (and parents) are very highly motivated to further their study in music. Upon graduation from Moonbeams 3, the final level of the program, students are registered to continue their one on one music studies with Allegro Music School.


Allegro teachers have found that MYC students are so knowledgeable and well prepared that they excel at a faster rate than other students.



Fall 2022

MYC Classes

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